It’s important to stay warm this winter, but that can be easier said than done during these long cold frosty months.

How Much Does It Cost To Keep Warm This Winter?

Dependant on your energy plan and the standard of your boiler you could end up paying a lot more to keep your home warm during the winter than you should be. An outdated unserviced boiler is often the cause of a faulty boiler – which is not good news during the Christmas period.

Boilers are more likely to break down during the summer due to lack of usage, but by the time it comes to winter and you want to heat your home up you may not of realising until now. So it’s important that if your boiler does breakdown that you have boiler repairs Milton Keynes during the summer period before it can breakdown during the winter – but book in advance as the summer period is always busy for boiler installations Buckingham!

But despite the fact of having a perfect boiler on full blast all throughout the winter, sometimes it isn’t quite enough, and all the money you are paying to heat your home could be being lost and wasting your money. So we have devised a set of precautions that you can take to ensure that your home is adequately heated to save you money! So if you want to find out more, keep reading!

Bleed Your Radiators

If you have your heating on full blast, but it’s feeling a bit colder than usual, then this might be the solution to your problem. Over time radiators heating up and cooling down when your boiler isn’t working correctly produces air bubbles.

This is bad news for your heating system as not only does it take a lot longer for your radiator to heat up, but it can stop the top half of your radiator warming up at all as it is full with air bubbles that prevent the hot water from circulating correctly. Meaning that you are paying the entire cost of your energy bills but not receiving the warmth from your radiators, therefore wasting your money.

The solution to this is to bleed your radiator, when doing this should always make sure that you turn off your central heating otherwise you risk boiling water being sprayed over you. Then take a bowl to catch the excess water and use a radiator key to avoid damaging your radiators valve. As you slowly untwist the valve you will hear the air begin to release in a high pitched whistling sound, when this fades out the water will be released which you should catch in a bucket or bowl. After this, your radiator will be able to work efficiently.

Close Your Curtains

Although we do not mean shut all the curtains and sit in complete darkness to save money on your energy bills, but closing your curtains in the evening can majorly help insulate the heat within your house as well as not letting any cold air into your home via the window. Curtains are a cost-effective way to insulate your home – as well as make it look nice!

And of course, there are forms of curtains that were designed with insulation in mind; thermal curtains were designed for this exact purpose in mind. Their thickness and insulating layers and material allow them to be a fantastic barrier to the cold air. Get some here!

If you have a conservatory you are struggling to keep warm then although you cannot buy conservatory curtains, you can purchase blinds that are for the same purpose and can also provide a sense of security and privacy in your glass conservatory.

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Make The Most Of Your Oven’s Heat

Who isn’t a fan of curling up on the sofa on a Sunday after a family roast dinner? That might not be as easy if your home is cold, your oven produces a lot of heat in order to cook food to make it edible, and after you’re done using it, the heat just goes to waste.

But why should it? In the winter seasons, this temporary heater is the perfect way to give your home an extra boost of heat or to warm up a cold chrome kitchen! After cooking you and your family dinner while your oven cools down and tries to shift the excess heat, leave your oven open and use the heat as a temporary heating system – keep any children away of course! But you have paid to power the oven so why not make the most out of its excess resources?

Make Sure Your Home Is Properly Insulated

You can spend hundreds on your energy bill in order to keep your home warm, but if there’s nothing to help you keep the heat inside of your home, then you are merely wasting your money. Cavity wall insulation, as well as loft insulation, are crucial to keeping your home warm in this weather. Both of these work to keep the warm air inside your property and without them then it’s going to be really difficult to keep your home at a steady temperature.

Certain types of insulation can last up to 100 years! So it’s well worth the investment, and it’s likely that you won’t have to spend money on replacing it. Dependant on the size of your home the price for insulation can vary, but it’s affordable, and you can earn money back that you’ve spent on it back in a matter of years by saving money on your energy bills! So it is definitely worth the investment.

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A Warm Home Is A Happy Home!

So make your home happy over this Christmas by keeping your home at a pleasant steady temperature as well as saving money on your bills yearly! But if you are worried your boiler may be on the blink over the Christmas period then be sure to book an appointment as soon as possible to avoid disappointment! We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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