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Bishop Plumbing & Heating offer annual boiler servicing plans to help maintain your central heating systems performance and efficiency. Available to homeowners and tenants.

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The Benefits of Annual Boiler Servicing

It’s important to make sure that you book an annual boiler service every 12 months with a Gas Safe Registered engineer or company as an annual gas inspection on your central heating system can significantly reduce the chances of your boiler breaking down.

Fortunately, Bishop Plumbing & Heating can provide an annual boiler servicing plan, designed to help maintain your system annually without fail. Annual maintenance will increase your system’s performance and efficiency, which could then lead to reduced heating bills at the end of each year (not guaranteed).

Of course, the most obvious benefit of regular boiler servicing is the fact that your system will become far more reliable and significantly reduce the chances of hazardous gas leaks within your home. During an annual service, one of our engineers will be able to check every internal component to ensure that it is performing safely.

From our experience, we have found that boilers with a regular service history last considerably longer than those without one – those without tend to be replaced with a full boiler installation shortly after the warranty expires.

How We Service Your Boiler

During each inspection a service engineer from Bishop Plumbing & Heating will complete the following to ensure your boiler is safe and performing correctly:

  • A full visual inspection of your heating system in its current condition. Assessing the boiler casing, flue and any associated controls.
  • The flue will then be fully assessed, making sure that no visible damage could contribute to gas leaks.
  • Your boiler will then be completely stripped down. Our engineer will clean the internal components and fit them back into place to help improve efficiency and safety.
  • All of the existing pipework running to and from your boiler will undergo a thorough check. We look for signs of general wear, any significant damages or incorrect installation.
  • If your system passes, one of our Gas Safe Engineers will issue a PASS gas safety certificate.

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Customer Testimonial

"Paul and his team are always honest, reliable and provide a great service! I would highly recommend to anyone that needs a boiler service or is considering a replacement."