Water damage can cause serious problems in your property; it’s important that you address the situation as soon as it begins.

What Is Water Damage?

Water damage is when water finds its way into your home, it can cause damage instantaneously either to your belongings or the actual aspects of your building works. Water damage can come out of nowhere, and it spreads and worsens fast.

Water damage can be from a broken dishwasher, a blocked up toilet, a broken sewage system or it can even be caused from severe weather conditions from copious amounts of rain. Although it may not sound like it, water can cause as much damage to your home as a house fire can. Which is why when searching for a new property you should always check the fine print and check if your property is located in an area that is prone to flooding from weather conditions, as this could be a dangerous risk to take.

So what can you do to prevent water damage in your home? And what can it really do to your home from the moment it happens to a matter of weeks, keep reading to find out!

Cracking Your Homes Foundations

One of the first signs of water damage to your home is the damage it does to the external components of your property. Most properties are built on soil that contains a vast amount of clay, when combined with large amounts of water seeping through it can saturate, when this happens, the clay expands unevenly and can lift up parts of the slabs under your home making them rigid and uneven.

Not only this but expanding clay under your property can crack pipes and your walls and if the water gets to your roof can make it sag which is extremely dangerous and a costly issue to fix. In the worst case scenario, your property can completely shift off of its slabs if the water damage is severe enough.

cracked foundations on property

Within Minutes

After a few minutes of being in your home water damage can already begin to cause problems in your property. One of the first problems being with your furniture, most furniture especially fabric based furniture is a prime target for water damage. Moisture sensitive furniture will begin to absorb the water as soon as it touches it, once this happens your furniture will begin to lose its colour and turn white.

The next stage is your furniture on saturated carpets; it will begin to bleed out and stain, once this happens it’s extremely difficult to repair the item of furniture to what it was before.

Within Hours

Although it doesn’t seem like a long time, just after a few hours water damage can begin to really take its toll on your home. Things like wooden furniture and sofas start to swell up with the water around them, as well as this a damp, stale odour will begin to release across your entire home. Which may not sound so bad but it settles and can stay in your home for a very long time unless professionally cleaned.

The dyes from your curtains, carpets, furniture and pillows will begin to bleed out and lose their colour. Meaning that when you do eventually have your water damage fixed that you will have to replace all of these things as not only will they no longer be visually appealing but they will now be the perfect breeding ground for bacteria growth and the production of mould. Check your boiler to ensure that no water has reached it as this is a hazard; we recommend calling a professional within hours of having water damage in your property. In the case of water reaching your boiler, it’s highly likely you will need a new boiler installations Buckingham.

flooded sofa floating in living room

Within Days

Within a few days mould will begin to grow all throughout your property, as well as this the odours will begin to worsen and become increasingly harder to get rid of. If you have wooden flooring, they will of absorbed as much water as possible, and they will begin to warp and bend out of shape. Most of the time your wooden will become unsalvageable from mould growth an distortion, and reflooring hardwood flooring can be an extremely costly expense.

Paint blisters will begin to form on the walls, and any wallpaper or paintwork you have in your home will begin to peel away from the wall as it becomes unstuck. And wood structuring in your property will start to warp as well as furniture and flooring. This includes things such as window and door frames which can distort so severely that it can stop your windows and doors from opening or closing.

Within Weeks

Time has now moved on, and water has started properly settling into your home, and this doesn’t apply to only your belongings but to the general structure of your property. Any mould or mildew that has grown in your property will begin to seep into under your flooring and begin growth there, not only is this toxic for you and your family but it can damage your flooring and the infrastructure of your property.

At this stage of water damage, any residents of the property will now have to evacuate from the property. Mould and damp growing all around the house can cause serious health hazards especially for those with respiratory conditions such as asthma. As well as this even if nobody in your family has any respiratory issues they can develop the symptoms of severe allergies, such as itchy eyes, runny nose, red eyes and a skin rash. For more information click here.

Now that the damage is so severe, the only solution to save the structure of your property would be to completely gut the inside of your property. This can be done only by professionals with the correct tools as well as highly protective safety equipment to prevent the inhalation of any harmful moulds.

mould in corner of window

Avoid Having Water Damage In Your Home

So it’s clear the extent of damage water can cause to your property, not only this but it can cost thousands to repair and can cause serious health problems for you and your family. To prevent water damage in your property, have yearly checks on your plumbing from plumbers Woburn Sands.

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