Hard water is a problem in the UK, it’s not bad or toxic to consume, but over a period it can cause problems within your household. Meaning that there are many benefits of a water softener.

What Are The Benefits Of A Water Softener?

Although hard water may not sound very big or threatening, it can cost you hundreds of pounds a year by clogging up and breaking your household appliances, as well as much more. So it could be really beneficial for you to have plumbers Milton Keynes to check your home and install a water softener.

Although it will not completely rid your home of calcium and magnesium within your water, it will greatly decrease the amount that makes its way into your home. So if you want to know what benefits having a water softener could bring to you, then keep reading!

What Is A Water Softener Exactly?

A water softener is a complex unit that can be purchased separately or purchased and installed by a plumber. The unit works to soften the water that comes into your property through taps and drainage systems that is used widely throughout your property.

Hard water is water that contains high amounts of calcium and magnesium, which can cause problems when it settles over a period of time. A water softener has specific ion changes that have the ability to remove ions which are positively charged – therefore removing magnesium and calcium.

If your not sure how hard the water in your area is, use this hard water map to see if a water softener could save you money on your energy bills!

What Problems Does Hard Water Cause?

Hard water is a plumber’s worst enemy, it continuously is the culprit for regular pipe blocking and can cause serious problems with underground pipeworks. It causes issues with soaps and detergents dissolving in dishwasher and washing machine cycles which can break your appliance if there is enough calcium and magnesium.

As well as this it can be difficult to get a perfect window finish when cleaning your own windows at home. We recommend hiring a window cleaner that purifies their water before carrying out jobs. Simply because by washing your own conservatory windows or living room windows if you live in a hard water area, you are almost guaranteed a vast amount of water spots left over. This is because of the minerals present in the water, they dry up and are left in a powdery, chalky consistency on your window.

This is why things like kettles need replacing yearly as the amount of limescale that quickly builds up breaks the appliance. As a kettle heats up the water and it evaporates, it leaves behind large quantities of calcium and magnesium which can build up extremely quickly.

By things like this happening, your appliances need to work harder to work efficiently and to their full capacity, which can end up costing you more on your energy bills.

 shower head clogged with limescale

What Are The Benefits Of A Water Softener?

And now, what benefits can a water softener bring to you? We’ve listed a few below.

Prolong The Life Of Your Appliances

Like we briefly mentioned earlier, your appliances are at a risk of malfunctioning or breaking from a high amount of limescale or calcium buildup. If you have to buy new appliances every year due to hard water, it’s going to be more cost-effective for you to purchase and install a water softener to increase the longevity of your appliances to save forking out for new ones each year.

This applies to appliances that use water in your property both large and small scale, such as dishwashers, kettles, coffee makers, boilers, showers and your washing machine.

Beauty Benefits

Hard water really can make a difference to your appearance. Skin that is washed with hard water is reported as more scratchy, dry and even chalky feeling. As well as this, people that had washed their hair in hard water areas of the UK have reported that their hair looked more dull looking and sticky.

By using a water softener in your home, your shower can pump out soft water, to bring the life back into your hair and the softness back into your skin.

Cleaner Silverware, Windows And Cars

Like we mentioned earlier, if you live in an area that suffers from hard water, it’s almost impossible to wash something without water spots or chalky residue being left over.

By having soft water the water, you use on your windows cars and silverware will have no minerals and leave your belongings looking shinier, cleaner and glossier.

Softer And Better Condition Clothes

By washing your clothes in soft water means that it’s going to go through a smoother process with less risk of damaging your clothes. The minerals aren’t present in soft water so can’t become stuck in the fabric of your clothes.

Meaning that your clothes stay fresher for longer and even come out of the wash whiter, without turning dingy or grey.

washing machine in utility room

Save Money On Your Bills

Without hard water, it will be a lot harder for your home appliances to become clogged up with limescale and calcium. Meaning that your appliances can run efficiently at all times without any issues with hard water. On average, homeowners that have a water softener can save around £200 each year.

Better For The Environment

And if your appliances are working at full capacity at all times of the year, this is better for the environment. The harder your appliances have to work the more energy you are using, which isn’t good news for the planet.

So by installing a water softener, you are doing your part by transitioning your property into an eco-friendly home. Want to do more for the planet? Find out how you can make your property more eco-friendly!

Install A Water Softener Today!

If you want to install a water softener, it’s extremely simple. Contact your local plumbers Yardley Gobion for a quote and to assess the hardness of the water in your property. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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