Water damage in your home is not a situation you wish to find yourself in. It can cause extensive damage to your property – which when left can non-repairable.

Why Prevent Water Damage In Your Home

Water damage is often the most forgotten about issue, although it has the capability of causing devastation to your property. Water slowly can deteriorate your entire property when left to sit. Over a period of time, water inside your property can make it so hazardous that it is completely inhabitable. There have been occasions where families have been evacuated from their own property as mould growth, and damp levels are so high it’s a threat to their health.

If you live in a high flood risk area, you are more prone to water damage so should take extra precautions to ensure the safety of your property. If you are worried about the effects that water damage could have on your property and wish to reduce the chance of being affected by this kind of situation then keep reading. We have devised a list of things you can do to reduce the likelihood of water damage in your property.

Clean Your Gutters Out

Cleaning your gutters isn’t a task that most homeowners forget to carry out on a regular basis. Your gutters are the main line that transfers excess water from your property to your sewage systems.

As your gutters and some of your property’s external pipework is based on top of your property, it is subject to a variety of situations that can cause them issues. Birds and small rodents can find your gutters a fantastic place to live if they aren’t regularly cleaned. As well as this there can become a build-up of leaves, dirt and other debris which can cause significant clogs in your drainage system.

If this happens, water can begin to leak out and overflow onto your roof, which over time can start to rot your roof and cause severe roof damage. Roof damage is costly to repair and can cause damp, mould and rotting which is a severe health hazard.

Avoid this by regularly cleaning out your gutters; you can hire someone or purchase gutter cleaning tools to do the job yourself.

cleaning out gutters with gloves

Keep An Eye On Your Home Appliances

Unfortunately, home appliances do not work forever. As they get older and after countless uses, they begin to deteriorate and could need repairing or replacing. A prime example of these kinds of home appliances would be dishwashers or washing machines.

The main issue that causes appliance breakdowns tend to be from hard water which calcifies on the appliance heating rod and can stop it from working or cause the entire appliance to malfunction. In certain situations your appliance can begin to leak, if you are away for the weekend or fail to notice this it can cause damage to your floor within a matter of hours – so be sure to always be on the lookout. Our gas safety checks Towcester can cover this, and we can check your water-based appliances to ensure they are in good health we also advise our customers roughly on when we think their appliances will need replacing.

Maintain Your Garden And Trees

It’s nice to have a clean and tidy garden; it’s great to relax in a nicely landscaped garden during the summer months. If you live in an area full of trees and large shrubbery, the scenery is fantastic, but they could be causing problems for your plumbing works.

As trees are naturally inclined to do, their roots grow towards the nearest water source. If your location is currently going through a drought or some plants aren’t regularly watered or maintained, over a period of time they could begin to affect your homes plumbing work. As trees and plants roots grow towards the nearest water source, if there’s nothing around them they will start to grow towards your plumbing system which continually has water running through it.

Once the roots reach your pipework, they will either intertwine the pipes with such force that the pressure causes the pipes to burst. Or they will push and push until they eventually break through and create a broken pipe. In the case of this happening, there’s the potential risk of your property flooding. In order to prevent this situation, we recommend speaking to a tree surgeon who can advise you on what to do.

There are many different things you can do to solve the situation if you want to avoid cutting down any trees, so be sure to speak to a professional.

professional chainsawing tree

Check Your Water Pressure

Dependant on your location within the UK, hard water severity differs all across the UK. If you live in an area plagued by severely hard water, you may need to regularly check your water pressure to ensure that it’s at an adequate level.

Water pressure can decrease when your piepwork becomes clogged by a waste material or calcified hard water. This is why on your shower head some of the chutes may spray water the incorrect way as they become clogged up with a white residue. You can unblock these by gently scraping out any of the residue, and your showerhead should begin to work like usual again. As well as this water pressure affects your taps, meaning your water flow when you turn the tap on may be a lot smaller than it initially was.

If you think your water flow has been affected by hard water in your area, take a look at this hard water map of the UK. Contact plumbers Olney to discuss your next steps, whether it be a water conditioner or water softener.

Prevent Water Damage In Your Property

Take precautions to to ensure that your property doesn’t fall victim to water damage. Water damage is a devastating issue that affects thousands of families every year – don’t let yours be one of them!

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