Mould is not only an issue that affects the visual appearance of your property, but it can also affect your health when left. Which is why it’s essential that you know mould prevention tips in order to keep your property mould and mildew free.

Why Do I Need Mould Prevention?

You may just think that mould is a nuisance, but like we previously mentioned it can have an adverse effect on people living in your home, especially those with respiratory diseases such as Asthma. Mould doesn’t only affect those that have a respiratory disease, it can affect anyone and can be dangerous to the elderly.

Mould is the growth of bacteria, and some of them are more harmful than others. Black mould is the most dangerous and has a jet black colour to make it more distinctive to typical green moulds. With bacteria festering in your home, it becomes likely for you to fall ill. Or if you have allergies, bacterias like mould can trigger them as the way that pets would as they produce some of the same things. Mould thrives in moist warm conditions, which is why they are commonly found in bathrooms and kitchens due to the high volume of condensation. If you think your home could start growing mould, or you already have a minor mould problem within your property, keep reading! We have composed a set of steps that you can take to prevent the growth of mould in your home.

Anti Mould Paint

If you have previously had an issue with mould in your bathroom or kitchen, then you know how irritating it is when it begins to grow back. If you’re battling out with constant mould regrowth, one way to stop this for good is to use a mould proof paints.

Mould proof paint contains a variety of chemicals that deter mould and stop the reoccurring growth of it. By using this paint in your kitchen, bedroom, bathrooms or wherever the issue is you can completely irradicate the growth of mould. When you think of mould proof paint you may think of bland coloured paint; however, this is not the case. Little Knights mould proof paint have a wide colour range, ranging from bright greens to pastel toned paint.

woman painting bathroom wall

Install An Extractor Fan

This is a must-have in your bathroom, especially if you do not have any windows to improve ventilation. Extractor fans usually come in homes, but if your home doesn’t have one, then we would highly recommend that you install one. Extractor fans in bathrooms work to absorb all of the water moisture in the air, which after your shower or bath will settle and provide the perfect environment for mould growth.

An extractor fan does the same thing for in your kitchen. When you cook your produce steam and condensation which can also settle and leave mould. Often extractor fans in the kitchen are positioned above the hob, to catch any steam before it can make it’s way to anywhere else in your kitchen. If you do not have an extractor fan, the next best thing that you can do is to open as many windows as possible.

Have Regular Boiler Maintenance

When you have new boiler fittings Buckingham you are guaranteed that your boiler is going to be in perfect working condition. Without regular servicing, you won’t be able to know the condition of your boiler of if it has any faults. If your boiler becomes faulty, in some circumstances it can make your boiler overheat and produce condensation. If this happens then wherever you boiler is it could start to make the environment around it grow mould.

If your boiler is in the top half of your house, this is even worse. Heat rises, and the top floor of your home is generally the warmest, so combined with condensation; this is going to become the ideal breeding ground for mould.

boiler maintenance

Dry Your Clothes Outside

If you dry your clothes with a clothes horse or another alternative way inside, this could be what is speeding up the growth of mould in your property. By hanging up damp or wet clothes inside in a warmer environment, you are creating condensation just from your clothes. As it makes the air colder, it also prevents your heating from working efficiently and could cost you more on your energy bills.

During the winter months, this can become even more of an issue. With your heating on and working even harder to keep your home warm, the inside of your property is going to be a lot warmer inside than it would be any other time of the year. When you combine this with cold, damp, wet clothes, it becomes easy for mould to grow on walls next to the clothes or other areas within the room. Wet clothes can release up to 2 litres of moisture into the air per wash load, so when you can we recommend trying to dry your clothes outside. Even if you have a tumble dryer, ensure that it is adequately ventilated or you could end up with the same issue.

Don’t Overfill Rooms With Furniture

Although this may seem harmless, when there are a lot of large-scale furniture items in one room it becomes extremely difficult for proper ventilation and the air quality will plummet. If the ventilation in a room is bad and you have a wardrobe pushed up against the wall, it becomes easier for mould to grow behind where it is darker and warmer.

To avoid this happening, you should avoid cramming a lot of furniture into one living space. If this is unavoidable, then be sure to make regular checks that there is no mould growing. If you find mould growing, we recommend either bleaching it to sterilise it and remove it, or the more recommended option is to contact a professional who can carry out the removal safely and effectively.

bedroom with furniture

Prevent Mould In Your Property

By following these top tips, you can keep your property mould free and in a healthy state all throughout the winter months! For any heating services Towcester, please feel free to contact a member of our staff today to arrange a free quote.

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