It’s important now we are approaching the winter and colder months that you take precautions to ensure that you avoid boiler breakdown.

Why Avoid Boiler Breakdown?

Boiler breakdown is not a situation you want to be in, especially during the winter months. As we are coming out of summer, if you haven’t stayed up to date with your boiler servicing Yardley Gobion then it’s important that you ensure you book it in as soon as possible. During the summer your boiler doesn’t have regular use, during the hot weather some people cold shower and you often don’t use your central heating system. Because of this, it’s more likely for your boiler to break down due to inactivity.

Boiler breakdown can cause your property to lose access to all of your hot water – which can interrupt your day to day life on a large scale. As well as this you can fall subject to situations such as gas leaks and Carbon Monoxide leaks.

Bleed Your Radiator

Bleeding your radiators is a task that is often forgotten about, but it’s extremely important, or it can affect your boiler’s performance. You need to bleed your radiators as they over time collect air bubbles, without doing so it can cause your gas central heating system to not warm your home properly or efficiently.

This is when you will need to bleed your radiators. Air bubbles in your radiators prevent hot water from circulating around the radiator correctly. Because of this your radiators do not get as hot as quickly and can end up costing you extra on your energy bills. We recommend bleeding your radiators regularly to ensure the efficiency of your boiler and to cut energy bills. Read this article for advice on how to bleed your radiators.

bleeding radiator

Have Your Central Heating Power Flushed

If your boiler hasn’t been serviced and potentially has problems from residue or blockages, or it’s simply just old, then a power flush can help address the problem.

The process of a power flush is simple, flushing a high volume of rushed water with chemical cleaning agents around your central heating system. This works in the same way as if you were to flush out your drainage system due to blockages. The force from the water and the chemical agents has the power and capability to break down any residue, debris, rust or calcified material that has collected within your central heating system.

The most common tell-tale sign that you need a central heating power flush is that your radiators are cold at the bottom, but warm at the top. This indicates that there could be blockages or debris preventing your boiler from working to full capacity.

Run Your Heating During The Summer

Although it sounds ludicrous, it could save you money and save you the hassle of boiler breakdown during Autumn or Winter. Having your heating on at a really low temperature during the summertime keeps your boiler regularly working and flowing.

When your boiler sits idle throughout the scorching summer, it can seize up and becomes faulty due to inactivity. Which is bad news, as when you need it most after summer, it’s not going to be in a working condition. You can open windows and doors to keep an adequate air circulation and to reduce temperatures while it is hot, but try and keep your heating on a low setting. You may think you are wasting money on your energy bills, your you will spend more on boiler repairs Milton Keynes if your boiler breaks down.

turning heating up

Use Pipe Insulation

One of the most common reasons for plumbing call out’s during the winter is frozen up pipes. It sounds like a simple issue to resolve, but frozen pipes can cause an issue with your entire central heating systems.

When water freezes up in your home’s exterior pipes, it acts the same as a blockage within the pipes as it stops the regular flow of water and prevents water from leaving your property. Because of this, this can have an adverse effect on your central heating system. You can defrost your pipes yourself if you catch the issue early, but if you are unsure how long the pipes have been frozen up for it’s important that you contact plumbers Woburn Sands.

Once the pipes have frozen up, over a period of time, they will begin to weaken and will either crack or completely burst from the pressure build up. If this happens to you and you don’t address the situation, boiler breakdown is inevitable. Pipe insulation is affordable and can be brought from most DIY shops; it can save you money on boiler repairs and calling out a plumber.

Have Annual Boiler Services

Boiler servicing can be your saving grace during Winter. Boiler services should be carried out yearly to check the condition of your boiler. You cannot tell the state of your boiler simply from looking at it externally.

The only way you will really be able to tell the condition of your boiler is by calling out a plumber to service it and figure out its condition. You could need boiler repairs or replacements, or you could need something simple like a boiler flush. Either way, boiler servicing finds situations before they worsen and end up causing you problems or costing you more money. Without boiler servicing you could find your boiler putting you in dangerous situations such as Carbon Monoxide poisoning or gas leaks, so be sure to book in for your next boiler servicing as soon as possible.

plumber carrying out boiler service

Book Your Annual Boiler Service Today

Boiler servicing is such an important service that your home requires to stay in good condition, and in order for you to stay safe in your property. Boiler servicing often slips the mind of most homeowners although it’s one of the most important home maintenance services.

Ensure that you book in for a boiler service if you haven’t already this year, it’s important that you try and have a boiler service each and every year. We hope that this article was helpful, if it was then why not share on social media?

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