Woman Checking Radiator

How To Remove Radiator Sludge

Unfortunately, over time, central heating systems and particularly radiators, are vulnerable to a build-up of hardened, thick sludge, which begins to impact its performance. If lef...

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weak shower

5 Tips On How To Increase Water Pressure

Low water pressure is not only extremely frustrating, but could be a sign that there are other problems with your water supply and/or pipes. While there are a few ways in which you...

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tap leak 1

How To Stop A Small Water Leak

Water is something that we use day in day out and don’t give a second thought. Running a bath, flushing the toilet and turning on the dishwasher all use a considerable amount...

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boiler on wall

The Benefits Of Aluminium Heat Exchange

The material used to manufacture heat exchangers determines the efficiency and durability of your plumbing appliances. Stainless steel heat exchangers have previously been the most...

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boiler installation sm

Welcome to Our New Website!

Bishop Plumbing & Heating is delighted to announce the launch of our fantastic new website. We’re now able to offer more services and a greater quality of customer experi...

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